Property or Home inspectors have become an important part of a growing number of real estate transactions.  In South Florida, especially Miami down to Homestead we are receiving calls daily from Realtors and buyers alike asking for a Miami Home Inspector to inspect their properties. Would you be capable of diagnosing a potential money pit? Chances are if you are not properly trained and have the proper tools and experience, you won’t. That is why a well trained and experienced property inspector is your most important partner in assuring you that the property you are considering purchasing or selling is in fact, in proper condition and ready for the transaction.

I invite you to read on and learn about the many different ways in which I am able to assist you during your property transaction. We service the entire South Eastern portion of the Florida seaboard from Florida City up to Boca Raton.

I’ve been inspecting properties in South Florida for over 17 years now. I don’t over promise and under perform like some of the others. I simply provide you with a thorough, accurate description of the home at the time I inspect and provide you with an unbiased report when I’m done. Simple as that. When you’re ready to book your inspection, whether it’s in Miami or anywhere in between West Palm and Monroe Counties, give me a call and we’ll discuss your needs.  I perform wind storm inspections, 4-point insurance inspections, roof condition certifications for Citizen’s Property Insurance as well as many other insurance carriers. Florida State Property Inspections, specializes in customer service and I can provide you with peace of mind when faced with a property buying decision. The call or consultation is free. But, the knowledge you’ll gain is priceless. I look forward to your call soon.